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Siu Ming Leung Garber 梁肇明

Art opens pathways of self discovery, revealing the untapped potential in and around us.

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My Background

Born in Hong Kong

I am daughter number 4 of 6, having entered this world through my Chinese family in Hong Kong. Along with other families in our community, we celebrated Chinese cultural events and Western cultural traditions, almost as though they were braided together. At the time, we were all still British Colonial subjects, and like many others who came of age in Hong Kong between the 1960's and 80’s, I received nourishment from both cultural streams.
My Fine Arts Career began at age 12, when I became an apprentice at Atelier 341, a workshop for teaching arts to youth and adults. My teacher was Michael Wong Cheung (Master Of Realism, Professor of Fine Arts at Chinese University and The Polytechnic School of Hong Kong). He helped instill a great love and respect for the visionary role that Artists play in our community, and taught me techniques for building a comprehensive artistic vocabulary. By age 15, I became his assistant teaching arts workshops to local youth.

Connection with Paris, France

I studied engraving with renowned printmaker, Stanley William Hayter (Master of Abstract Expressionism) at the Atelier 17 in Paris, France, while taking Linguistics and Communications classes at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. I landed my first job as a decorative painter at Euro-Disney as a Scene and 'Character Head' Painter. I also exhibited my work at The Salon d'Automne at The Grand Palais, had two successful one-woman shows, and my work was featured in several group exhibitions in Paris.

Life in the Bay Area, California

For 3 years, I worked as an Activities Therapist at California Pacific Medical Center, where I designed and facilitated individual and group Art Therapy sessions. I performed assessments for post-acute patients, and helped train and supervise new therapy interns under Craig Garfinkel, PhD. After my daughter was born, I continued working on personal arts projects, and became interested in Digital Story Telling. I attended Berkeley City College, where I successfully completed a two-year program in Multimedia Video Production.
In 2012 I met Edythe Boone, a muralist and a community activist. I was very touch by Edy's activism using mural painting to help distressed communities communicate their experiences and tackling issues such as poverty, racism, and violence. I desired to joint her effort on projects that aim to actualize social transformation throughout the Bay Area. While continue facilitating creative arts workshops for groups of all ages, while offering individual instruction to a few select students.