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The Artistic Healing workshops

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June 14, 2016: At the Homeless Workforce Conference in Richmond, California, I was invited to give an arts workshop for attendees who work with homeless populations. I asked workshop participants to began by finding those colors of paint that resonated with their feelings at that particular moment. Soon, everyone was painting freely on canvas.

By allowing this freedom, partipants began searching for images within themselves. As we continued, our brushstrokes began revealing something about our dynamic states of mind. As our thoughts shifted in response to the colors that were emerging on the canvas, our thoughts also battled about what to add or not to add to our designs. We may have caught ourselves listening to questions that showed up in our minds, then answering them with colorful brushstroke actions. An internal conversation between the desire to play freely, and the need to accomplish something worthy that others could relate with, was also present during the experience...

Before we knew where the time went, it was suddenly time to set our brushes down. I closed our workshop by asking everyone to share their pictures with the group and to say a few words about the thought process involved in creating their pieces. After opening a fresh dialoque between ourselves and the other participants, we offered and received feedback and acknowledgements. This part of exerise offered new opportunities, not just for sharing insights, but for opening possibilities for fresh connections between 'spectators' and creators.

With the artists' permission, I'm happy to show our artwork here. Please feel free to participate by leaving comments on this blog.

As always, I look forward to connecting with you through Art.


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