Up Coming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Creating art is a fascinating way to explore our unique connection with the world that surrounds us. Color, space, point, line, form, movement, direction, depth, textures and pattens: as we become more aware of these relationships, we begin to see ourselves and the world in a new light.

My workshops ask artists to reflect upon our inner selves at the very moment of creation. Finding colors that resonate with feelings that show up along with the elements we’ve chosen to paint begin to illustrate who we are. The actions we take, along with the brushstrokes we make across our canvas, communicate in unexexpected ways, opening us to fresh possibilities.

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Skill Level

For over 30 years, I have taught Art to children and adults, from beginners to professionals. As long as you have the passion to learn and are willing to work, you will grow your skillset and experience renewed confidence in your artistry.

Media and Painting Styles

Pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, ink, water color, acrylic, airbrush, oil painting and digital media: each of these modalities has its own unique character. I enjoy working and playing in all of them! Which of these speak particularly to you? I support each of my students to excel in whichever style best fits your personal research or special project.

Cancellation Policy

Please plan your lesson time carefully. Cancellations within 24 hours of a scheduled class are the student's responsibility.



Private Lessons

One on one lessons allow you to receive personalized instuction.
Private lessons cost $200/month for weekly one-hour lessons, or two bi-weekly 2-hour lessons.
Bring a paint buddy, have fun painting together and save! Semi private students each receive a 20% discount or $160 per month each.

Group Workshops

I offer small group lessons betweem three to six students. Some people just learn better when learning with a group of friends. Working on a project together, learn form each other and have fun discuss the challenge and accomplishments.
My group lessons rate is $120 per student per month for an hour a week or $160 per month per an hour & half a week.
Students may organize thier own group.

Project Advisory

I provide strategic guidance and support in achieving a specific personal or professional Art base project.
Contact me more information.

Contact info.

Phone : (415) 595 - 4575

Address : 3916 Vale Avenue Oakland CA 94619

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